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Canada and Turkey women working in the renewable energy sector in met



WiRE (Women in Renewables) Canada has mission to advance the role of women working in Energy sector. So, they launched an introduction meeting. It was in İstanbul with the Support of Canadian Government  as a part of Gender Equality Actions. There, WiRE founders meets TWR (Turkish Women in Renewables) founder and members in İstanbul. Date was 15.10.2018. These professionals already have an active role for the development of industry. And they will take action and gender equality. All women from different disciplines who is working and interested in working in renewable energy industry and be a part of sustainable living should be member of the group. You can reach the group management from and via Linkedin.

Turkish Women in Renewables (TWR) / Yenilenebilir Enerji Sektöründeki Türk Kadınları

Turkish Women in Renewable Energy Sector (TWR) Founder Sedef Budak

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HANNOVER MESSE: Infrastructure solutions for powerful IIoT networks



HARTING T1 Industrial, All for Ethernet and the SPE Industrial Partner Network make for reliable infrastructure solutions / Han S®: Secure connections for modular energy storage

 The HARTING Technology Group will be showing off lots of new products and smart solutions at HANNOVER MESSE (20 April to 24 April 2020) again this year (Hall 12 / Stand D3). And the HARTING motto for this year’s HANNOVER MESSE is also “Industrial Transformation”.

The HARTING Technology Group has been a pioneering force for innovation, major standards and industrial milestones for 75 years. The 75th anniversary will be celebrated at numerous events this year. HANNOVER MESSE in April will be the high point of all of these celebrations.

The HARTING Technology Group is leading the way to industrial transformation with the claim “All for Ethernet”, setting new standards for industrial networks. Gaining in importance through the merging of the world of IT and automation, Industrial Ethernet cannot do without a reliable infrastructure fit for industry. HARTING recognised this need early on, creating in RJ Industrial® the first RJ45 interface fit for industrial applications – a milestone and still the most widely used data interface. HARTING continued pursuing the path of constant innovation and serving market needs in 2016 with the ix Industrial® interface for the familiar multi-pair ethernet. The next big step came after that: from ethernet via SPE into the field, for a smart connection of the last network participants to the IIoT.

HARTING is setting new standards for industrial networks with the claim “All for Ethernet”.

All T1 Industrial components for your IIoT infrastructure

Published on 23 January 2020, IEC 63171-6 created the basis for all future IIoT networks – and it hasn’t changed. This doesn’t mean that things have stood still, but that there has been ultimate agreement over a market-wide standard for SPE infrastructure, meaning investment security for users. On this basis, a comprehensive portfolio can be developed for the single-pair ethernet market.

Serial parts for the IP20 version of the T1 Industrial interface in the field assembly format in AWG 28-22 and overmoulded AWG 28-22 will be on show for the first time ever at HANNOVER MESSE. HARTING is also presenting the corresponding device socket for a robust and standardised SPE connection with the device. Device developers will get to see the first design-in projects at the fair.

Serial parts for the T1 Industrial interface will be on show at HANNOVER MESSE.

SPE Industrial Partner Network sees strong growth

The SPE Industrial Partner Network has more than doubled its membership in just a few months. Starting with seven founding members, the number rose to 16 after the SPS fair in November 2019. Each company is a technology leader in its own right, specialising in different areas, which it needs to strengthen and complete the SPE ecosystem. This shared common basis creates the international standardisation for SPE infrastructure to IEC 11801-x, IEEE 802.3 and IEC 63171-6, to which all members refer. 2020 is the year of the SPE network. The network will be holding a series of interesting events at this year’s HANNOVER MESSE.

Introduced to the public at the SPS in November 2019, the SPE Network already has 16 partner companies.

Han S®: secure connections for modular energy storage

The Technology Group has new products for the field of heavy-duty connectors. Han S® is the new secure connection technology for modular battery storage. The compact, flexible housing has room for contacts up to 200 A. The mounting housing is freely rotating and access to the locking mechanism is intuitive. Red for plus and black for minus with additional mechanical coding makes the interfaces interchangeable.

Han S® is the new secure connection technology for modular battery storage. The compact and flexible housing has room for contacts up to 200 A.

Focus on DC connectors

For 75 years, HARTING has continually set high standards for new industrial interfaces. At present, there is a technologically demanding trend towards DC power transmission in the industrial environment, with significant growth expected for this type of power supply. In order to provide suitable installation technology for these applications, HARTING will be presenting new concepts of DC power transmission at the Hannover Fair 2020. The study of a new DC interface for industrial application will be presented, which is characterised by power and data technology. It transmits voltages up to 800 V as well as currents up to 40 A and cannot be pulled under load. In addition to the working groups of DC Industries, HARTING is also involved in drafting the DKE standards.

The project is the result of a cooperation between HARTING and the Smart Factory KL. At the Hannover Fair, future-oriented studies of the new DC interface at different levels of integration will be shown on the stands of both companies.

Extended customising functions for Han configurator

The Han® configurator for industrial interfaces has a new customising function. It allows users to use the configurator to design individual solutions for cable entry points and apply labels. When configuration is complete, although it is an “individual” product, all design-relevant data is available for download and users can order the customised solution. The new function makes for a continuous process: this goes from design to product development, production phase and assembly, enabling customers to design products easily on their own and have them delivered within a very short time. This makes individual interfaces affordable, even in smaller volumes. The amount of time for designing a new product is reduced, just as it is by the automatic quality inspection of the design. The configurator’s new customisation functions ultimately increase the range of available standards for clients. HARTING is using this technology to increase its product range and will be adding more and more customising functions to the Han® configurator.

The Han® configurator for industrial interfaces now has a customising function. It allows users to use the configurator to design individual solutions for cable entry points and apply labels.

Increased cooperation with software developer PerFact

HARTING is pushing forward with the development of new technology. Announced at the SPS fair in Nuremberg in November 2019, the software partnership with PerFact is being expanded. HARTING and PerFact will be issuing more details at HANNOVER MESSE. PerFact develops professional IT solutions for industry. Linking machines via the Internet is a major aspect of remote machine maintenance.

HARTING interface delivers Power, Data, Signal for “metroSNAP”

And the Swiss car maker Rinspeed will be at HANNOVER MESSE again this year. Rinspeed and HARTING are linked by a trust-based partnership going back many years. This year, the Technology Group is providing a specially designed interface to supply the vehicle with Power, Data and Signal. With “metroSNAP”, HARTING and Rinspeed are taking the next step towards mobility concepts of the future. Whether it’s transporting people or goods – the vehicle is highly versatile. The HARTING module helps drivers to configure the vehicle quickly and flexibly for a wide range of tasks.

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Hannover Messe Preview and HARTING Press Days happening



We’re in Hannover, in accordance with the invitation for HANNOVER MESSE Preview and HARTING Press Days, organised by Deutsche Messe and HARTING

HARTING activity starts with 40 special invited journalists in EDC Logistics Center. Following the first day with the guided tour in which EDC’s role in HARTING Technology Group is explained and finishing with socialisation meeting, the next day shall launch with Central Area Manager Corporate Communication & Branding, Detlef Sieverdingbeck’s speech on “2020 Anniversary Year” of HARTING.

Then, Phillip Harting, CEO of HARTING Technology Group shall welcome the journalists.

Followingly, Benjamin Tepasse, Head of Marketing of HARTING Germany, shall make a presentation with the title “Industrial Transformation and Control Cabinet”.

Benjamin Tepasse, Head of Marketing of HARTING Germany

Nobert Gemmeke, in respect, Manager Director of HARTING Electric shall come with “Pushing Han®” presentation.

Frank Quast, Head of PM Installation Technology and Andreas Wedel, Head of Technical Competence Center shall make a presentation, titled “Digital Services”.

Andreas Wedel, Head of Technical Competence Center

This shall be followed by Joachim Finke’s (Head of PM Network Interface Connectors) presentation on setting new standards in SPE and SPE network. Aftermath, Senior Key Account Manager of E-mobility HARTING Automotive, Veit Schröter and Head of Marketing Communication, Guido Selhorst shall make a presentation; “Green Mobility / Infrastructure Solutions for electromobility”.

Press Conference will end with presentation by Dr. Robert Rae, Managing Director of PerFact Innovation, titled “MICA® and PerFact. Focus on the customers”.

Guido Selhorst, Head of Marketing Communication


Veit Schröter, Senior Key Account Manager of E-mobility HARTING Automotive


İlk günün finali

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Wind Industry’s Mood Barometer: Germany Gets Poor Ratings As Wind Energy Nation



Hamburg, 12 December 2019 – The development of wind energy stagnates in Germany, and many experts cast doubt on the nation’s ability to reach its climate protection goals. The wind industry is calling for political decision-makers to take action now, and top-level politicians are responding: Angela Merkel has announced a special conference on the energy transition with the leaders of Germany’s states in January.

The new WindEnergy trend:index (WEtix) published by the world’s leading wind industry expo, WindEnergy Hamburg, and the market research Institute wind:research shows how aggravated the situation has become in Germany. Overall, more than 5,000 experts from the wind industry have participated in the semi-annual survey since it was first launched in 2018. In the latest survey, Germany received the worst rating since the launch of the WEtix, falling behind all other global regions.  Yet, the overall mood in the international market continues to be positive. In particular, respondents take an optimistic perspective regarding future opportunities the international wind industry might glean from digitalisation and new technologies.

“Problem Child” Germany: Neutral or negative results in all categories

The negative development seen in Germany over the past two years continues. The domestic market situation has received the worst results since WEtix was first launched. Even compared to the world regions, Germany shows the worst performance by far. The current market situation for the German onshore wind industry receives negative marks, with the mood three times as bad as in April 2019. Similarly, the assessment of the current situation in the offshore wind market is clearly in decline, dropping into the negative range for the first time. Survey participants don’t have great hopes for the future of the German wind market either: for the first time they expect a negative development in the onshore wind market over the coming two years, with the results for the offshore wind industry barely clinging to the positive range.

Figure 1: How do you assess the current development of the framework conditions for onshore wind energy?

One reason behind the poor mood in the German wind industry appears to be the changed economic conditions. The global assessment of the mood in the market sees the current business environment for the onshore wind energy industry in all global regions more critically than last spring. In Germany in particular, the survey reflects the political debate revolving around the minimum distance between wind turbines and human habitation: the rating of the business environment has dropped by 50per cent, with respondents generally drawing a negative picture. Similarly, the assessment of the current business environment for offshore wind energy is in decline in Germany and has dropped into the negative range. By contrast, the business environment for offshore wind energy in North America and Asia is receiving increasingly positive marks.

The mood in the international wind market

Over the past few years, the mood in the international wind market has steadily trended upwards across nearly all world regions covered by the survey, from Europe to North America and Asia, through to the rest of the world. However, this trend has partially flattened out in the current assessment for both, the international onshore wind industry and for offshore wind, although the mood in general continues to be seen in a positive light: the results for the current market situation of the onshore wind industry in North America are stagnant, while values for Europe, Asia and the rest of the world are declining. The picture in the offshore wind market is mixed: On the one hand conditions in North America and Asia are receiving increasingly positive ratings, continuing the trend set in the past few years. On the other hand, assessments for Europe and the rest of the world are pessimistic.

Expectations regarding the development of the international wind industry over the coming two years are not quite as optimistic as they were in previous surveys. The ratings of the onshore wind market in North America, Asia and the rest of the world reveal a slight decline, and a much stronger drop for Europe, but they clearly remain within the positive quadrant. By contrast, the upward trend in the North American and Asian offshore wind markets continues, with expectations regarding the future market situation showing a slight drop only in Europe and the rest of the world.

Will digitalisation and new technologies bring new opportunities?

Furthermore, respondents looked at future opportunities the international wind industry might glean from digitalisation and new technologies. Expectations regarding optimisation potential inherent in digitalisation remain at a nearly unchanged high level for both onshore and offshore wind energy. Similarly, the mood regarding the saving potential provided by new technologies is again in the medium to high range, with the potential for offshore wind energy receiving better ratings than for onshore.

Figure 2: How do you assess further cost efficiency potential through technology (e.g. bigger turbines, floating)?

What is more, respondents again expect the consolidation processes in both the onshore and offshore segments to continue at the present high intensity.

Industry associations concerned about the developments

Both the German Federal Wind Energy Association (PWE) and VDMA Power Systems are very concerned about the situation: “Germany must not fall behind – we are currently observing a loss of substance in the wind energy industry, which is a key sector for the country’s energy future. We call upon the Federal Government to return to a common-sense industrial and climate policy, accelerate the permitting processes and expand site eligibility criteria for land-based wind energy projects, and to offer a short and long-term perspective to offshore wind. The global demand for wind energy is strong. There is currently a risk of companies refocusing towards prospering markets that offer more promising conditions. What is more, the availability of renewable energy is increasingly becoming a key location advantage. Investment decisions, such as the one made recently by Tesla, confirm that wind energy is a powerful driver of economic prosperity,” Wolfram Axthelm (BWE) and Matthias Zelinger (VDMA Power Systems) agree.

WindEnergy Hamburg from 22 – 25 September 2020

Every two years one of the most fascinating industries meets for the leading global networking hub for wind energy: At WindEnergy Hamburg 2020, right in the heart of the vibrant northern German port city, 1,400 exhibitors will present their innovations and solutions. With half of its exhibitors hailing from abroad, the event has a very international profile. Leading suppliers of system components for all stages of the onshore and offshore wind energy value chain will provide a comprehensive overview of the market. Around 600 service providers offering everything from planning and project design to installation, operation and maintenance, and through to marketing, certification and financing will complete the picture.

The Who’s Who of the wind industry, from trade associations, the science community and politics, will be present. The Expo will be accompanied by WindEurope’s high-profile conference programme focusing on the industry’s current key topics: Hydrogen & Electrification, Global Business and Safety (human & cyber). GWEC, Global Partner of the event, will provide global business insights. More than 35,000 trade visitors from around the world are expected to attend the next WindEnergy Hamburg from 22 to 25 September 2020. 

Press Contact:

Dana Funck: ph. +49 (0)40-3569-2442,

Christian Freitag, ph. +49 (0)40-3569-2072,

For questions regarding the content, analysis and methodology as well as wind:research:

Dirk Briese, ph. +49 (0)421-43730-0,


About the WEtix survey:

The global WEtix survey, which gauges the mood in the wind industry, has been conducted every six months since 2018. Again more than 1,000 market players participated in the fourth survey in October and November 2019. All in all, more than 5,000 industry representatives have taken part in the surveys over the past two years. This has allowed WEtix, which is prepared jointly by WindEnergy Hamburg, the global onshore and offshore wind energy event, and wind:research, the leading market research institute for wind energy, to further solidify its position as a key indicator of the mood throughout the industry.

Figure 3: Overview of the survey period, participants and share of 100per cent completed surveys

As in previous years, the survey is highly representative: Response rates are distributed across various countries and regions and are representative of the respective market sizes with respect to the onshore and offshore wind segments. Again more than 70per cent of responding market stakeholders are active in the German market, and more than 95per cent in the European market. One third of respondents focus on either the Asian or the North American market. With a high concentration of participants in the onshore wind market, the distribution of respondents across segments is nearly identical to that of the April 2019 survey.

Privacy Note:

You can object to the use of your data at any time for the purposes stated above under or revoke granted consent.

Further information on data protection is available at . You can also reach our data protection officer under this link.

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