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GENBA is on the rise; another milestone passed by in global existence



Having been providing full scale services to wind turbines in Turkey since 1998 including assembling, maintenance and wind measurement and location feasibility, Genba recently founded its own companies in Pakistan, Morocco and Romania. Although it is nothing new about providing services for wind turbines in those countries, due to growth of the market and with the combination of the Management’s philosophy to operate by training the qualified local manpower, Genba feels stronger and much more decisive in those countries in terms of investments.

Cengiz Oguzer, The CEO of the Genba Group of Companies

The CEO of the Genba Group of Companies, Mr. Cengiz Oguzer, who devoted his career and his life, we should add, into Renewable Energy systems, detailed that it is just about time to invest in those countries to have the world hearing about Turkish companies and their skillful, yet professional  engineering approaches in this sector as well.

Mr. Oguzer, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from one of the most reputable Universities in Turkey, Middle East Technical University, has relentlessly been investing on both technology and human resources in the sector since 1998.

“Precision in engineering with care of quality, environment and safety briefly summarizes our philosophy in the business” he emphasized and continued that “Being one of the best and first in the sector positions Genba into a more challenging and dynamic state. Our investments in global markets will continue and we believe very strongly that these countries we have invested now would open new gates in the near future. Especially in African continent we anticipate many opportunities in Renewable Energy to which the whole world presently moves forward”.

Genba’s new entity in Romania has been founded by end of January 2018 and currently expanding its business even into the neighboring countries. “Our objective is to apply the same strategy in our other investments by reinforcing the manpower and implementing the same quality of works as we have been conducting in Turkey” additionally stated Mr. Oguzer.

Genba Technical Solution S.R.L. / Romania located in Galati currently has 5 employees and employing engineers and technicians constantly while Genba Technical Solutions Pv.Ltd. in Lahore, Pakistan having 8 employees in the region and GTS Technical Services Sarl. in Laayoune, Morocco currently hiring local citizens to be trained by Genba’s qualified and experienced engineers assigned from Turkey.

Another Group Company, CMI Engineering Ltd., is also in the parts and accessories manufacturing business for the sector and working as an R&D and design center for so many years, exporting the finished products to key players in the segment. CMI is among the approved suppliers of various leaders in the sector such as Enercon, Gamesa, Vestas, LM Composite and G.E.

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Manufacturers of wind turbines

Siemens Gamesa successfully completes acquisition of European Service assets and IP from Senvion



This transformational deal for Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy’s Service Unit will strengthen its competitive position in Europe. It will add approximately 9.0 GW serviced fleet and operations in 13 countries.

Also, it will increase the total serviced fleet to approximately 69 GW globally

Acquired Intellectual Property (IP) allows Siemens Gamesa to offer competitive service solutions for other OEM business.

And at the same time, total offering for multibrand case shall rise.

The addition of the Senvion assets marks an important step in the company’s growth strategy, part of the company’s L3AD2020 strategic program, and strengthens its competitive position in its multibrand portfolio.

Now, Siemens Gamesa will service an even broader range of wind turbine technologies. The Senvion service fleet will increase Siemens Gamesa multibrand footprint to more than 10 GW and its fleet under maintenance to approximately 69 GW.

The addition of these assets helps for variation of Siemens Gamesa’s business and geographical exposure with contracts. These offer long-term visibility and renewal rates that have been historically very high.

“This has been a unique opportunity for consolidation. And, it’s a win for all parties and a perfect match for Siemens Gamesa. Hence, with these assets and highly skilled professionals, we will improve our position as a leading global service partner.

“And it happens at a crucial moment for the wind industry´s growth. The transaction also offers Senvion’s customers a long-term solution for their servicing needs, following Senvion’s insolvency,” said Markus Tacke, CEO of Siemens Gamesa.


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Energy management systems

Demand/Supply – Renewable energy with guarantees of origin (GO)

Ever since 1999, energy users in Europe have demanded documentation of the origin of the electricity they use, which launched an exponential market development. 470 TWh of renewable energy with Guarantee of Origin were sold and consumed in 2017.
Over the last years, a global market for renewable energy certificates has started to develop and equal tracing mechanisms are available also outside Europe.




A renewable energy certificate is an electronic document which has the sole function of providing proof to a final customer that a given quantity of energy has been produced from renewable sources. The purpose of the renewable energy certificate system is to enable energy users to choose renewable energy to cover their consumption. This active consumer choice is also meant to create an incentive to increase the production of renewable energy.

In Europe the system for renewable energy certificates is named Guarantees of Origin (GO). One GO equals 1 MWh of total renewable electricity. they regulate the system under the EU renewable energy directive (DIRECTIVE 2009/28/EC) and the EU electricity market directive (DIRECTIVE 2009/72/EC).
Ever since 1999, energy users in Europe have demanded documentation of the origin of the electricity they use, which launched an exponential market development. 470 TWh of renewable energy with Guarantee of Origin were sold and consumed in 2017.
Over the last years, a global market for renewable energy certificates has started to develop and equal tracing mechanisms are available also outside Europe.

Figure 1: Consumption of renewable energy with GO 2001-2018 Q3 (TWh)

The consumption of renewable energy with GO in Europe for Q1-Q3 2018 reached a total of 446 TWh. This represents an increase of 9%, comparing to the same period last year and 47% comparing to the same period in 2016.

Figure 2: Consumption of renewable energy with GO for Q1-Q3 in Europe for the three last years (TWh)

For the last three years (2016-2018), there has been an increasing trend in the consumption of renewable energy with origin gurantee in Europe. Comparing Q1-Q3, consumption of renewable energy from wind has increased 59 TWh, hydro 42 TWh and biomass 23 TWh. For solar, the absolute change is only 16 TWh, but the relative change is very high; 524%.

Figure 3: Change in the consumption of renewable energy with GO for Q1-Q3 in Europe between 2016 and 2018 (%)

Hydropower the leader

Hydropower is the most used source in consumption of renewable energy with GO. In 2017, hydropower covered 70% of GOs. Wind power covered 20% of the consumption.

Figure4: Consumption of renewable energy with GO by source in Europe 2001-2018 (MWh)

During 2018, the production of renewable energy is low due to weather circumstances. This had a direct impact on the issuing of GOs, as the issuing relates to the actual production of renewable energy. Comparing Q1-Q3 2018 with Q1-Q3 2017 shows that hydropower and wind power together decreased by 48 TWh.

Figure 5: Production of renewable energy with GO for Q1-Q3 in Europe for the three last years (TWh)

Norway Case

Norway is the largest producer of renewable energy with GO in Europe. In 2017, Norway has 140 TWh of renewable energy with GO, mostly from hydropower. Norway alone stood for 43% of the total market supply of GOs. Renewable energy production with GO from the five largest producer countries represented 60% of the overall total in Europe. The second largest producing country is Italy.  It has 71 TWh. Italy is also the country with the broadest portfolio variety.

Figure 2: The five largest producers of renewable energy, in 2017 in Europe (MWh)


The forecast for Q4 2018 indicates a new situation in the European GO market. The full year forecast for production of GOs in 2018 is 460 TWh. There’s a reduction of 13% from 2017. Comparing with the Q3- update, the production-forecast is up by +10 TWh. The consumption forecast for 2018 show 590 TWh. There’s an an increase of 25% from 2017. Comparing with the Q3- update, forecast increased significantly with +80 TWh.

Figure 5: Consumption and production of renewable energy with GO in Europe including forecast for Q4 2018 (TWh)

The increase renewable energy consumption and the big drop in  production will most probably lead to the rare case of a higher demand than supply.  The market has partly discounted this situation through the price increase during 2018. But it’s the future if the market gap is fully discounted into the prices.

Figure 3: Spot price development for GOs from Nordic hydro in the wholesale market 2008-November 2018

Substantial Increase

The substantial increase in the GO prices during Q1-Q3 2018 was most probably a result of three factors. These are increase in underlying demand,  production reduction of renewable energy due to low wind and sentiment trading. After a long period with increasing prices, the market corrected downwards in Q4. Improved hydro balance can partly explain the price correction. As the underlying demand is continuing to increase the bullish trend is expected to continue. At the same time there are some indications. These are the price levels are difficult to internalize for European electricity suppliers. This might reduce the possibility for a new round of rapid price increase. As per end of November, GOs produced in 2018 from Nordic hydro is traded at 1,20 €/MWh.

The future price expectations for GOs from Nordic hydropower increased along with the spot prices during 2018. 2019-prices are close to 1,70 €/MWh, and the years ahead price slightly above 2019.

Figure 8: Future price expectations for GOs from Nordic hydropower 5th Dec 2017 and 26th Nov 2018 (€/MWh)


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EAWIND: Your turbine maintenance and repair service provider



Eawind (Avrasya Ruzgar) is a service provider for blades of Wind Turbine Manufacturers and their customers with the aim of serving Eurasian markets. Based in Aegean cost of Turkey, Izmir, Eawind is an approved service provider for Nordex/Acciona, Siemens/Gamesa, Suzlon and GE.

The company serves with  own 6 Temporary suspended Platforms(TSP’s) and  a Aerial Platform(cherry picker) in Turkey. Also with own Rope Access Teams, Eawind is the most flexible service provider in the Turkish market in terms of access technology for blades and towers.

The company also serves for Tower Internal Equipment commisioning, inspections and repairs, tower repair paintings and cleaning.

Project based Retrofit parts, Nacelle repair parts are also produced in Eawind’s 1.500 m² composite workshop and implemented on the turbine blades and nacelles.

The company is also accredited Training Provider of GWO with the name “Avrasya Ruzgar” and gives multilingual trainings to technicians from Europe and Turkey. Working at Height, First Aid, Manual Handling and Fire Awareness modules are carried Eawind’s in-house training facility. Scenario based “Emergency Respond Team Trainings” are also given at customer sites.

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